Finally, Master The Language Of Gospel Music & Play The Way You've Always Imagined

Learning the language of gospel music is fun, purpose-driven, and research shows that it works! With quick, bite-sized lessons, learn to play beautifully-sounding gospel music you'll finally be proud of!
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"It's been a great blessing to me and my family. I recommend it to all of my family and friends."

- Dewain Dixon, Missouri

Learn How To Fluently "Speak" The Language Of Gospel Music On The Piano, Once And For All.

No matter your level of experience, we'll walk you through the process from the very beginning, right up to the point where you can play your favorite gospel songs on the piano without feeling frustrated or defeated.
From: Jermaine Griggs
Rancho Santa Margarita, California
Hear And Play Headquarters

Dear Musician,

It is with great excitement that I share with you our latest program from the Gospel Music Training Center. We have been making it easy for people of all levels to learn their favorite gospel songs for over 20 years now.

As part of our latest release, we've come up with a truly innovative piece of work. Our greatest yet!

“The 100: Gospel Grammar System” is unique because we structured the program to maximize your success.

As you learn ONE thing per lesson, you'll never feel overwhelmed again. With 100 bite-sized five-minute conversational lessons, you're guaranteed to never be overwhelmed or frustrated again.

Can you imagine it...? Your chances of success and retention are greatly increased this time around because you'll be focused on ONE gospel grammar lesson per session, as well as action items to practice.
Click Below To Watch A Sample Of One Of Our Bite-Sized Lessons, Created Especially For Busy Students: 

Like what you saw? Then, keep reading because I'll show you how to get your hands on the rest of these “core principles” we've used to teach and inspire nearly 1,000,000 musicians online since the year 2000.

Here Are Other Concepts & Techniques You'll Learn Directly From "The 100" Curriculum:

  • Master the musical alphabet so you can go on to form all the beautiful chords you hear in your favorite songs (lesson 2).
  • Rely less on memory and more on visual links to remember note and chord shapes, and never forget them again (lesson 3). 
  • Grasp how to know exactly where you are in a song so you can play it many different ways (lesson 11-12).
  • ​Learn to speak the language of the minor key to play serious and beautiful sounding worship music (lesson 16).

Be Proud Of Your Playing...

  • Finger Exercises: Learning and understanding music is nothing with out the technical ability and rhythm to play it flawlessly without fumbling over notes (lessons 21-24).
  • Primary & Secondary Chords: Once you grasp this concept, you'll be picking out the chords to many of your favorite gospel songs, almost overnight (lessons 31-32).
  • ​​How to take a gospel classic song from basic harmony to adding inversions and secondary chords to spice it up (lessons 34-36).
  • ​​Why chords change roles in different keys and how to use this concept to borrow chords and play fluently in ALL 12 KEYS (lessons 40-42).

Find The Sound Of Your Dreams!

  • How to add what your chords have been missing with extended and altered chords, voicings, and inversions (lessons 40-50s).
  • From Amateur to Pro-Sounding: Finally, a breakdown of monster  ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth chords you'll play instantly by combining smaller triads (lessons 66-76).
  • Where exactly to use all these new chords you're learning. Knowing them is one thing but understanding where to inject them is where the magic happens (lessons 69, 73, 77).
  • ​How to add the right level of dissonance to your passing chords to produce that unpredictable sound people love (lessons 78-79).

All Here In One Curriculum...

  • ​A treasure chest of real-world songs and examples of where to use all these chords and progressions (lessons 82-94 & GMTC Song Database).
  • Harmonizing hymns, finding the key of a song, cadences & endings, listening for the bass,  transposition, and a whole host of advanced techniques (lessons 93-100).
  • ​And so much more!

Everything you need from A-Z to understand the language of gospel music. 

You won't find a more complete, comprehensive, and simplified course made for gospel students by gospel music educators... anywhere! For us, by us!

All of this and more is what you'll find in "The 100: Gospel Grammar System."

PLUS! You’ll have the chance to get your hands on our $457.00 In FREE Bonuses, with your new membership.

  • Get Access to 100 Bite-Sized, 5-10 Minute Conversational Lessons
  • ​Immerse Yourself in The Gospel Grammar System and Easily Connect Theory To Real Songs From The GMTC Database.  
  • ​Gain a Foundation in Music Theory and Application.
  • ​Access a Community of Musicians Who Can Help and Support You on Your Musical Journey. 
Now, you’re probably wondering, 
“Why on earth would I get the brand new $457.00 Program & Bonuses For Free?”

Because after all, if it’s “free,” then how valuable can it really be, right? I get it. So I’ll be 100% honest with you…

I’m Doing This for 3 Simple Reasons:

As a gospel musician and educator, I’ve been around for a long time. In fact, very few who started around the year 2000 are still around. I truly believe that by implementing the strategies and techniques presented in this course, you will see INCREDIBLE results in your piano playing abilities in a short period of time… no matter what level you are at.
You might be surprised by what amazing musicians within our community are willing to share with you in addition to all the material you'll be exposed to. Let’s be honest, if I can help you play the songs you love… take control of your sound… stay on top of your progress… feel great about your playing... all while sitting in the comfort of your own home… would it make any sense not to?
We want you to be a part of the Gospel Music Training Center. That's the only stipulation for receiving the $457.00 in courses and bonuses. They are housed inside the training center. Not only will you get "The 100: Gospel Grammar System" but access to our 15-year database of songs and lessons that you'll find nowhere else. But you're not obligated to remain a member; it's totally up to you.
In Celebration Of Becoming The #1 Resource For Gospel Musicians…

We want to gift you our brand-new program & bonuses valued  at $457.00 for free!

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this is – it might be the greatest resource for gospel musicians around the globe!

You’ll get access to the most comprehensive online piano playing resource for gospel musicians, which will teach you timeless piano playing principles for exponential growth and long-term happiness… no more “scavenging youtube,”  jumping from one instructor to another in search of results, or begging local musicians to help you, to no avail.

The Gospel Music Training Center is your answer.



It's All Yours For Joining The Gospel Music Training Center Today!

Take a quick look at what musicians are able to accomplish after applying the strategies and techniques we're about to share with you...
Min. Chadwick Keyser | Gospel student
Lee Wilks | Gospel student
Lila Barry | Gospel student
Wendy Macbain | Gospel student
Brandon Forte | Gospel student
Dewaine Dixon | Gospel student


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Gospel Music Training Center

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So What’s The Catch...?

As I mentioned in the beginning, I am giving you this gift essentially as a bribe, so you can test out the Gospel Music Training Center.

Well, there are actually a few reasons…
Here’s our way of saying THANK YOU for being a dedicated HearandPlay and Gospel Music Training System subscriber. We appreciate your support and wanted to do something truly special for you!
We have enjoyed serving you these last twenty years, and we are looking forward to what the future holds!
We get our content in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it will get you excited to share our training with your family and friends.

Why Time Is Of The Essence...

The insane pricing (essentially 92% off) won’t last long as we are selling out memberships fast. As soon as we hit our target number, we will be charging separately for "The 100: Gospel Grammar System" and raising the price of the Gospel Music Training Center (GMTC) to keep up with rising inflation. 

In fact, we've never raised the membership price since we launched GMTC 15 years ago.

So NOW is truly the time to lock in your membership before it’s too late!

Do You Have A Guarantee?

You Bet. Matter Of Fact,
I Have THREE Guarantees For You!

Guarantee # 1 - No Questions Asked Cancelation Policy
If you enroll in the Gospel Music Training Center and you don’t love it or don’t see immediate results, you can cancel anytime you want with no questions or hassles.
Guarantee # 2 - GMTC Support For Success 
We guarantee support. We know the journey of becoming a gospel piano player can be hard, with plenty of bumps and unforeseen turns. That’s why if you have any questions or hang-ups on how to use our material, you’ll be able to reach our team via email and receive a response within a 24-hours.
Guarantee # 3 - YOU Will Be Empowered!
We want everyone who completes our program to be so good that if they played in front of a congregation, no one would know if they’ve been playing for 2 years or 40 years. The right information in the right order is truly the great equalizer.

How Can I Have Such A Powerful Guarantee?

The strategies taught here have worked for thousands of gospel musicians all over the world and have allowed the Gospel Music Training Center to grow significantly!

Imagine if you used just ONE technique taught within the course... or picked up something from the community that transformed your playing… and you begin to see positive results in your playing almost instantly.

What would you be willing to pay for just ONE piece of information or advice that caused a breakthrough for you?
$500…? $1,000…? 
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Here’s What To Do Next...

All that’s left is to finalize the details and set up your membership account!

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It is my pleasure to welcome you as a new member of our community, and I thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Jermaine Griggs
Founder, Since 2000

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P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I’m giving you access to "The 100: Gospel Grammar System” and a ton of bonuses all valued at $457.00, when you get started as a member of the Gospel Music Training Center today!

In addition, you will gain access to the most comprehensive online piano playing resource for gospel musicians, which will teach you timeless piano playing principles for exponential growth and long-term happiness… you will not have to scour YouTube, jump from teacher to teacher, or beg local musicians to find what you need anymore. Your time has come.

And if you don’t like the Gospel Music Training Center – you can cancel your membership without any questions asked!

Does that sound fair? If so, what are you waiting for? Join the Gospel Music Training Center right now!
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