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"I think it's phenomenal!"

"I am so very ecstatic about Hear and Play™! Hear and Play™ is a wonderful company! 

Jermaine Griggs is absolutely a genius, teaching people all over the country how to play gospel music on the keyboard, by ear! I think it's phenomenal!"  

-Vicki Winans

"I have awoken something in me!"

Hear & Play has taken my piano skills to another level. I have only been playing for 6 months.I never had any training at all, but by just following along with all the lessons, I have awoken something in me that I thought I didn't have."

"After one night..."

"...After one night (literally) of taking your lessons, my 

understanding of chord structures and my playing ability was revolutionized. Thanks Hearandplay!"

-Robby Hunter - All Rights Reserve - Copyright 2000-2018.
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